Dental Pro for iPad - First Time Use

Dental Pro for iPad - First Time Use

To use the advanced features, you would need an advanced subscription which you can purchase in Dental Pro.  Tap the gear icon on the home page to get to Settings then tap Upgrade to Advanced to see your options.  

Here are some suggestions for using the Dental Pro app on the iPad for the first time.  These suggestions assume you are using the newest iPad Pro with the front facing Apple TrueDepth camera. You can also follow these suggestions on a iPhone X or later device. 

In order to select files to import, export PLY, STL, and OBJ files, and save Workspaces you need Bellus3D Dental Services.  You can buy these from an authorized dental reseller. 

Here is a summary of what you might want to do for your first time use.
  1. Create two teeth scans and save them.
  2. Go the Gallery and tap the Align button.
  3. Select a jaw alignment.
  4. Tap Load Sample Files for the upper and lower jaws.
  5. Load the two teeth scans.  Press next.
  6. View the alignment and rotate.
  7. Change the opacity of the face scan (button with two overlapping circles) to about 50% so you can see the full teeth in the head.
  8. Try the same approach for the CBCT alignment. 
Note:  You can use PLY files for your jaw scans.  They need to be text-encoded not binary-encoded.  You can convert a binary-encoded PLY file into text-encoded in MeshLab.  See Release Notes in the Knowledge Base for how to do that. 

  1. Set up an account.
  2. Log in
  3. Scanning
    1. Tap Scan, 
    2. Make sure you make a big smile so as much of your teeth as possible are showing.
    3. View and rotate your scan when it displays.
    4. Tap Save to save your scan.  Provide a name such as: "Dave Teeth Smile."
    5. Tap Done and you are back on the Home screen.
    6. Tap scan again to create a second scan.
    7. For this new scan, make a normal smile but make sure some of your teeth are showing.
    8. View and rotate your scan when it displays.
    9. Tap Save to save your scan.  Provide a name such as: "Dave Normal Smile."
    10. Tap Done.
    11. You will then be back on the Home screen.
  4. Tap the text that says:  "All by date" .
  5. Gallery
    1. You are now in the Gallery.
    2. In the Gallery you can see your face models and your Workspaces.  
    3. A Workspace contains a set of face models and teeth models or tissue and bone scan models.  
    4. You have not created a Workspace yet.  You will do that later.
    5. In your Gallery, you should see two your two face models.
    6. Tap the Align button in the upper right.
    7. Select Jaw Models
  6. Jaw Model Alignment
    1.  Now you are in New Workspace.
    2. There are 4 boxes.  The top two are for the upper and lower teeth models.
    3. If you tap on either of the two teeth images, you will be presented with a document picker to load the models from the iPad/iPhone or from a cloud storage service.  Please separately use and learn about Apple's Files app to understand how to make Dropbox, Box, iCloud or other storage locations available to Dental Pro.
    4. Instead of loading your own teeth models, tap the Load Sample File button for the Upper jaw and Lower jaw.
    5. You should see two blue boxes, each with a teeth model.  The models do not rotate in this view.
    6. Next tap the Teeth Smile box.  You will see the Gallery.  Select your teeth smile that you created in an earlier step.  Do the same for the normal smile.
    7. If all four boxes are filled in, the Next button is active.  Tap it.
  7. Jaw Alignment Complete
    1. After taping Next, you will see an activity indicator and then a message that says: Alignment Complete.
    2. You can down see the head models aligned with the teeth models.
    3. There are various buttons at the bottom to change the properties of each model.
    4. A suggested approach is as follows:
      1. Tap the opacity button on the Normal Smile. It is the button with two overlapping circles.
      2. A opacity slider comes up.  Lower the opacity of the head model to make it semi-transparent.
      3. Tap the opacity button again to close the opacity slider
      4. Tap the small down arrow on the right side to hide the tools panel.
      5. Now you can rotate the head and see the teeth aligned inside the model.
      6. Open the tools panel.
      7. Try the other controls
      8. Save or Cancel out of the workspace

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