Dental Pro Web Q&A

Dental Pro Web Q&A

What is Dental Pro Web?

  • Dental Pro Web (DPW) is a browser based version of Dental Pro for iOS.  It is being made available as a private beta. User’s are welcome to try the app and test the functionality however as a free trial beta release, Bellus3D can not guarantee any results and the user assumes all risks in using the app in any real or simulated patient cases.

  • You can access DPW from any Internet connected computer and browser.  Many, but not all, the features of DPW are the same as Dental Pro for iOS

What is the benefit of using Dental Pro Web over Dental Pro iOS?

  1. Dental treatment planning is typically done on a computer, not a mobile device. Dental Pro Web allows labs to align face models with jaw models on the same computer while using a larger display for alignment fidelity. File access to jaw models may be easier as well as jaw files are typically stored on a local or remote file storage already associated with the computer.

Account Questions

  • How do I access Dental Pro Web 

  • Do I need an account to use Dental Pro Web?

    • Yes, you need a Dental Pro account with Advanced Features enabled.  You can register for a Dental Pro Account in one of two ways, :

      1. Download Dental Pro for Apple iOS at the Apple App store and sign up for a 30 Day free Trial

      2. Purchase a 1 yr Dental Pro subscription from a Bellus3D Dental Pro Reseller.

    • Once you have a Dental Pro Account, simply log in to Dental Pro Web ( ) using the same account email and password 

  • I created a Face Cloud Account from the homepage of but I still can not see Dental functions.

    • You must have a Dental Pro Account with Advanced Features. See above.

  • How much does it cost? Is it free with Dental Pro iOS?

    • Dental Pro Web is offered as a free add-on feature to Dental Pro iOS at no additional charge during this free trial beta release.

Computer and Browser Compatibility

  • What are the browser and computer configurations required to run Dental Pro Web? 

    • DPW has been tested on the following browsers

      1. Mac Safari

      2. Mac Chrome

      3. Windows 10 Edge

      4. Windows Chrome

  • How fast of a network connection do I need?

    • Ideally at least 5Mbit download and upload.


  • Does Dental Pro Web do all of the same things as Dental Pro iOS? If not, what's different?

    • Dental Pro Web includes most, but not all of the features found in Dental Pro iOS. At this time, Dental Pro Web does not have the following functions implemented: 

      • 3D placement of condyle points: Pending Implementation

      • 3Shape Communicate Integration: Pending Implementation

      • No face scanning capability

  • I noticed that there is no side view of the face scan shown for adjusting the alignment of jaw models to face models like there is in the Apple iOS Implementation. Is alignment accurate without that view?

    • Yes.  Just rotate the face model to the side to obtain a similar side view.

  • I have an advanced subscription to Dental Pro for iOS, but when I logged in to Dental Pro Web I only can see the thumbnails of the scans. How do I see the Dental Pro functions? 

    • Tap the Workspaces button to see a + sign.  This is where you can create a new workspace

  • I created a Dental Pro account on my iPhone, but when I log in to Dental Pro Web I only see the gallery. I do not see the Workspaces button. 

    • You must have an active Dental Pro account where you have activated the Advanced features by the free trial or monthly subscription.


  • Is Dental Pro Web compatible with the ARC Camera System? Will I see the face models from uploading ARC scans in my Dental Pro Web account?

    • Yes. If you have a Dental Pro account, you can use that to log into the Bellus3D ARC Scan App. Make sure to select the Auto Upload to Face Cloud check box in the Control panel. All face models scanned with that account will be uploaded to Dental Pro Web.

Dental Pro Web and Dental Pro iOS

  • Can I be logged on to Dental Pro Web and Dental Pro iOS using the same Dental Pro account simultaneously?

    • Yes

  • Should I see the same face models and workspaces on both Dental Pro Web and Dental Pro iOS for the same account?

    • Yes