How to set up lighting for scanning

How to set up lighting for scanning

If you are going to complete many scans, it is important to set up the proper lighting.  

For dental applications, you should uniformity illuminate the face and the teeth.  Mounting the iPad Pro within a variable brightness ring light will ensure that you have optimum illumination and produce the highest quality 3D scans. 

This article outlines a lighting configuration that works well.  It looks like this:

This set up has an 11" iPad mounted on a tripod base with a ring light.  

Here are the main components: 

Here are the parts that you would need to purchase

Manfrotto Virtual Reality Aluminum Base

Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Boom Pole for VR Camera (Medium)

It is large enough to include an 11" iPad Pro inside. 

4. You need an adapter to attach the ring light to the tripod.

5. A bracket that will hold an 11" iPad Pro.

6. An adapter that permits the iPad Pro to attach to the cold shoe mount within the ring light:

5. Configure like this: 

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