Import Your Face Model To Dental Wings

Import Your Face Model To Dental Wings

If you have Dental Wings, you can directly import a face model from Dental Pro.  Here are the steps.

  1. Make sure you have an Advanced subscription for Dental Pro.  A free version won't work.
  2. Scan your face and save
  3. In the Model Viewer, tap the info button in the bottom right corner
  4. Enter a Reference ID. Any text/number combination is fine.
  5. In the "Allow People with Model ID:" select export.
Then go to your Dental Wings software.  In the location where it references Bellus3D face scan, enter your Bellus3D Dental Pro username (your email address used to create your Dental Pro account) and the Reference ID from step 4 above.  You should now be able to import the face model.

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