Getting Help with Dental Pro

Getting Help with Dental Pro

When reporting an error or problem to Bellus3D using Dental Pro please provide all of the following information to enable us to understand and respond to you quickly:
  1. Provide us with the name and model of the iOS device you are using: (iPhone X, Xs, Xr, XsMax, iPad Pro, ...) etc.

  2. Provide us with:
    1. the version of Dental Pro installed
    2. the account name and
    3. the service level and service status of your installation that is installed on your system.

  3. You can find all of this information on the Settings screen of your Dental Pro application. Access the Settings screen by returning to the starting page of the app and tapping on the "Gear" icon in the upper left as shown. The simplest way to send us all of the system information is to capture a screen grab of the app and send us the screen as an image. You can capture the screen by pressing the Power and Volume Up button on the Apple device.


  4. Provide the Model Id of the face scans in question.
    You can find the Model Id by tapping the Info icon in the model viewer. Please make sure to set the Download tag in the share setting so we can view the model in question.


  5. If you are having a problem with alignment, please send the .ply or .stl files that you are using so we can attempt to duplicate the issue.
  6. Please list the exact steps you followed that created the problem.  For example:
    1. Launched the app
    2. Tapped All by date
    3. Tapped Align
    4. Selected upper jaw file
    5. .....
Once we have this information, we will get back to you shortly.

The Bellus3D Team

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