Share face models for alignment with labs, dentists and other users

Share face models for alignment with labs, dentists and other users

There are times when you complete a face scan and want to share that face scan with someone else that is performing model alignment in Dental Pro. 

Dental Pro has a feature called Model ID sharing for alignment.  Model IDs are shared for face to face alignment, jaw alignment or CBCT alignment. 

You need an Advanced subscription to use model sharing.  Tap the Gear icon on the home page and then in Settings tap Upgrade to Advanced to see your options. 

A common situation is that a dentist completes a face scan and then would like to share the resulting model with a lab for aligning.  The lab would like to take that model, bring it into Dental Pro, align it to teeth models and then export the aligned face model for use in other software like Dolphin Imaging or exocad for example. 

Every face model has a ID. The model ID can be found in the Gallery.  See the red box below. 

You can also find the model ID in the Model Viewer inside the red box.  

Copy the model ID and give/send it to the person you want to share the model with.  

Importantly, in order to share the model, you also need to tap the Download button inside the yellow box below.  That will allow another user, who has the model ID, to use it for Alignment in their version of Dental Pro.

Once the recipient (such as the lab) has the model ID of a model that is set to Download, then launch Dental Pro and start a new Jaw Alignment.  You will see this screen:

Update October 14, 2019: You can now import a face scan using the model ID in Dental Pro for Windows.  Download here:

Tap the Model ID option.  You will then see this screen where you will enter the actual Model ID obtained from the dentist:

After tapping next, you will see the result in the Alignment workspace.

At this point, the lab can export the aligned face model as a OBJ, PLY or STL for importing into other dental CAD software. 

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