What is Scanning Motion?

What is Scanning Motion?

Starting with version 2.4.0 (released in February 11, 2021) of Dental Pro for iOS, there is a new feature called Scanning Motion.  

You can find this feature when you tap New Scan on the main view of Dental Pro, then tap Settings.  You will see this screen:

Scan Settings View

The default scanning motion is to turn your head. This means that you turn your head left then right to create a face model scan. You add in lifting your head up and down when creating a full head scan.   You can see Turn Head scanning motion in this video:

Scanning Motion:  Turn Head

Scanning Motion:  Turn Camera

We have now added a new scanning motion called:  Turn Camera (see in the Scan Settings view above).  Turn Camera is different than Turn Head in that you, or someone assisting you, moves the camera around your head while you keep your head still. There are two types of Turn Camera scanning motion: Self and Assisted.

Turn Camera - Self
Here is a demonstration of Turn Camera - self:

Scanning Motion:  Turn Camera - self

And, here is Turn Camera - assisted:

Scanning Motion:  Turn Camera - assisted
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